Sweepovac Kickvac

Built to Last

With an exceptional 15 Kpa of suction, the Sweepovac KickVac is the leader in power output

Bye-Bye Dustpan - Hello Sweepovac

Keeping your kitchen cleaner just got a lot easier with Sweepovac – a simple, powerful always available vacuum to suck away floor sweepings. Conveniently placed in the kitchen and instantly available at any time, requires no setup or put away time. Sweepovac makes your life easier by reducing household work and you’ll never have to use a dustpan again – simply dispose of your floor sweepings in 3 seconds flat.

The Sweepovac can be turned into a powerful convenient kitchen vacuum by plugging in the new snap on the hose which is available as an accessory. Five times stronger than the average handheld vacuum, the hose is incredibly easy to handle and extends from 6 ft to 18ft (1.8m to 5.5m). Three attachable tools are included with the hose making it much easier to vacuum out drawers and those awkward to reach places.

KickVac Demonstration Videos

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